• Can be used to help you wear on or take off false eyelashes, or help you adjust or repair your false eyelashes.
  • The new design of the Multifunctional Auxiliary Clip offer adjustment to the curve of the eyelashes to emphasize the charm of the eyelashes. Our fake lashes applicator feature a fish tail shape that is ideal for securing falsies because it can securely hold a larger portion of the eyelashes.
  • Unique new design,nip using humanized multifunctional design,as long as you have it,paste false eyelashes easier, more comfortable,clean.
  • This false eyelashes clip can be used to apply and remove regular false lashes, single lashes and magnetic lashes. No matter what kind of lash extension you prefer to use, these false eye lash tweezers will be compatible. It can also be used as a regular tweezer to shape your eyebrows and remove other facial hair.
  • Package includes: 1 packs of tweezers which bring convenience and beauty to your life.Durable stainless steel and alloy.